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Our mission is to provide marketing and sponsorship solutions for your school, church,  fraternity, or other organizations. 

About Us

HBCU Sponsorship

The Nicari Agency is dedicated to providing top notch sponsorship solutions for HBCU (Historiclally Black Colleges and Universites) at no cost to the school.  This ranges from athletic, music, and academic departments. We provide the items and  the universities can sell items for fundraising Projects. We take pride in giving back to HBCU‘S   


The Nicari Agency prides itself on providing promotional Solutions for Fraternities. Contact us to promote your next event

We Can’t forget the sorors.

Looking to promote your next sorority fundraiser? Not only will we promote it on your behalf, we will also print spirit items for it and go out and get sponsors to advertise on them. 

The Nicari Story

How we got started

After 23 years in the sales and marketing industry, Our President and Founder decided to alter directions. Shawn McDowell had a vision since the age of 14 to own his own business.  Shawn became frustrated with building others legacies and not building one of his own so after much prayer and meditation, he came up with the concept of helping Black Owned Businesses and HBCU’s grow Financially.  October 10, 2015 became a major turning point for Shawn as he traveled to Washington D.C for the Million  Man March anniversary. Hearing the lecture about Minorities building businesses of their own and building their own communitie sparked a fire in Shawn to launch out. Fast forward to 2019, the Nicari Agency gave birth and made plans to be the catalyst of black business growth. 

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Feel free to contact us via this form or give us a call at 1-877- NICARI2(1-877-642-2742). 

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